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You need an experienced attorney to guide you through the court system and ensure that you receive the treatment you deserve.  The Kemmerick Firm, LLC is a boutique criminal defense firm representing select clients in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia charged with misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses.  Specializing in DUI and Drug offenses The Kemmerick Firm knows Georgia law and knows how to protect and fight for your rights.


Misdemeanor & Felony Criminal Defense

Getting arrested for any criminal charge in Georgia can have serious implications.  Let the Kemmerick Firm explain your case to the jury or negotiate with the state on your behalf – no matter what route you wish to take, The Kemmerick Firm will be by your side giving you expert advice. The Kemmerick Firm knows how to negotiate – and is not afraid to take your case to the jury.  We don’t just set you up for a plea – we do jury trials.

DUI & Minor Drug Defense

The Kemmerick Firm has extensive experience obtaining successful outcomes for clients charged with DUI and Drug Offenses.  Whether your primary concern is saving your driver’s license or you want to fight the charges and take your case to trial, you need counsel that knows Georgia DUI and Drug laws.  The Kemmerick Firm does.  We know how to challenge the State when you have been illegally stopped or searched by police officers.

Probation Revocation & Bond Hearings

If your probation or bond is being revoked, you could face extensive jail time.  If your bond has conditions that won’t allow you to have contact with your loved ones or return home, your life can become a mess.  If your loved one is in jail with a bond they cannot afford, they will remain jailed until they go to trial or otherwise resolve the case.  The Kemmerick Firm can help.  We can obtain hearings on these matters and know how to communicate your specific situation to the Court when you or your loved one’s freedom is on the line.


Just because you’ve been charged with a crime, that doesn’t make you a criminal!

The Kemmerick Firm understands this and knows how to communicate that to the State, the Judge – and especially the Jury!

The Kemmerick Firm is selective!

Other defense firms may have 30, 50, or even 100 or more clients at any given time.  These firms cannot possibly give ample attention to individual client cases.   A boutique criminal defense firm, The Kemmerick Firm strives to give each client’s case the attention it deserves.  That is why we limit our client base – to give your case the best defense the constitution allows.

The Kemmerick Firm uses the latest technology to out-research the competition and keep you informed about your case!

It is the 21st Century – and the legal field is finally catching up.  We utilize the latest in research technology to find the best strategies for dealing with the unique issues in your case.  The Kemmerick Firm now uses MyCase – a client portal feature where clients can log in to their own unique case page, view and share documents, and communicate with  their attorney from any internet connection.  The Kemmerick Firm keeps clients informed and is always aware of the latest legal developments that could effect your case.

When you or your loved one is arrested, put your mind at ease and get expert legal advice from The Kemmerick Firm LLC.


Client was in a single car accident where he hit a tree.  Client was interviewed by a police officer and then taken to a hospital where his blood was drawn resulting in a Blood Alcohol Concentration significantly above the .08 limit.  Mr. Kemmerick requested a hearing where he cross examined the arresting officer regarding the arrest and reading of ‘implied consent’ to take the client’s blood.  Judge agreed with defense that the procedure was improper and suppressed the results of the blood test, making them inadmissible at trial.  State dropped the DUI for a reduced charge of Reckless Driving.

Dismissal/Reduced Charge, DUI Client

Client was rear-ended by another vehicle, got scared, and drove away from the scene.  Client came back to the scene 10-20 minutes later.  Officer conducted a DUI  investigation, including field sobriety examinations, and arrested client.  Client took a breath test and registered a Blood Alcohol Concentration of .078.  State prosecuted DUI as a “less safe” DUI.  Mr. Kemmerick took the case to the Jury, who not only found client not guilty of DUI, but at the end of trial acquitted client of all charges, including the admitted to Leaving the Scene of an Accident charge.

Not Guilty Verdict, DUI Client

Client was found alone and unconscious in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that was stopped in the roadway on an exit off of Hwy 75 at 4:00 a.m.  Officers shook the car for 10 minutes to wake client, who was described as ‘drooling tobacco juice on himself’ and who also had an open container of alcohol at his feet.  Client fully admitted intoxication and was arrested for DUI.  Mr. Kemmerick explained to the jury that, while the client was intoxicated, there was no proof that the client was in fact driving as there were no keys to the vehicle ever recovered on the client or at the scene.  Jury found client not guilty of all charges.

Not Guilty Verdict, DUI Client

These are just some of the successful outcomes we’ve achieved for clients.  And while we can’t guarantee a specific outcome in your case, The Kemmerick Firm can guarantee that we will do all that is necessary within Georgia law to fight for your rights.

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